One of the great features of the PKR software is the ability to get your player to react in various with the use of different emotes.

An emote is something that you can type into the PKR chat box and it will result in your player performing a particular action such as laughing, banging on the table or even kissing that special someone you’ve had your eye on throughout the tournament.

However, PKR have taken things a stage further with their last software update and have included a number of hidden emotes which are completely new. They haven’t released any official guide as to what these new emotes are. Instead, they’re relying on their players to go and find them.

Nobody knows quite how many there are, but the PKRPoker3d team have found a nice lot of them and have listed them below for you to use in your next game.

If you happen to find any more, feel free to let us know.

These are the ones we’ve found so far:

/atlast : at last
/brb : will be right back
/boo : boo
/bosh : bosh
/bravo : bravo
/bringiton : bring it on
/bye : bye =will see you
/cheer : cheer
/chicken : chicken
/chuckle : chuckle
/clap : clap
/congratulations : congratulations
/cough : cough
/crikey : crikey
/cry : cry
/cu : see ya
/dance : dance
/drum fingers : drum fingers
/dude : dude
/fan : fan (op jezelf = on fire)
/finally : finally
/flirt : flirt
/frown : frown
/gasp : gasp
/gb : good bet
/gc : good call
/gf : good fold
/gg : good game
/gl : good luck
/grin : grin
/grr : grr
/hello : hello
/hi : hi
/iyf : in your face
/kiss : kiss
/laugh : laugh
/lmao : laugh my ass off
/lol : laugh out loud
/loser : loser
/nh : nice hand
/niceone : nice one
/no : no
/nk : no kidding
/np : no problem
/nty : no thank you
/noway : no way
/omg : oh my god
/oops : oops
/orly : oh really
/owned : owned
/phew : phew
/rude : up yours
/shake head : shake head
/shame : shame
/shutup : shut up
/smile : smile
/sorry : sorry
/stretch : stretch
/sweet : sweet
/ty : thank you
/think : think
/thumbsdown : thumbs down
/thumbsup : thumbs up
/time : time
/tut : t
/typical : typical
/unlucky : unlucky
/wp : well played
/whatever : whatever
/wink : wink
/yawn : yawn
/yay : yay
/yes : yes
/yw : you’re welcome

Have fun! Enjoy them …

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