PKR Poker

PKR is the 3D online poker room that has revolutionised the way that the web now plays poker.

Launched in August 2006 by poker enthusuiast Jez San, PKR has quickly become the fastest growing poker room in Europe due to a fantastic PKR bonus and the ability to blur the line between poker played online and the poker played played live in a real club.


If you haven’t already signed up for PKR, then you’ll be pleased to hear that the PKR Bonus Code AUSPKR is a bonus code tsilored to suit every type of player. For the high rollers out there, PKR will offer you up to $800 completely free. And there’s more good news, as our exclusive PKR bonus code will also give you additional loyalty points rewards.

For those of you who are looking to play PKR on a smaller scale, there is also a bonus code which will give you free money on your first deposit. Just check out our PKR Bonus page for examples of how the PKR bonus code AUSPKR can reap you rewards. There truly is something for everyone!


Players who really take your gambling seriously will be able to take advantage of PKR Bonus Code AUSPKR and get 100% deposit bonus up to $800, where as those who are new to the game will be able to deposit a small amount of cash and just get involved in some hugely entertaining poker action!

The popularity that PKR has enjoyed since it launched has been very impressive and it’s not hard to see why. Games take place in fantastic 3D environments and the revolutionary ‘Emote control’ system allows players to interact with opponents sat at the same table as them. For the first time you can clap your hands, cry over a bad beat or even mock the guy sitting opposite you for not having the guts to call your large raise!

For those more experienced players, it becomes easier to pick up tells that normally you’d only notice when sitting in front of a real live player. Suddenly every little movement that your opponent makes might mean something.

Every player that signs up to play PKR can customise his/her appearance too, which is an added bonus. From height to weight and eye colour to hair style, every part can be changed in stunning 3D graphics.

Similary, your character can change their wardrobe at any time too. Jeans can be changed for fancy trousers. Shirts for waistcoats. Sports shoes for patent leather loafers. And accessories can be added as well, so if you fancy sitting at the table listening to an iPod or sporting the latest Rolex, then that’s easily achievable.

PKR really has raised the bar when it comes to online poker. Its mix of stunning graphics and great gameplay has made it an instant hit and it looks to have pushed online poker into the next dimension.